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FireLite Plus

[Ultra-heat-resistant crystallized laminated glass]

The only glass for specified fire protection equipment, characterized by high resistance to rapid heating and cooling as well as impact safety
FireLite Plus is made from FireLite panels laminated with special resin to ensure impact safety. FireLite is highly resistant to thermal shock; it does not break when sprayed with cold water after being heated to 800℃.
The fire protection safety glass is best suited to schools where students are physically active, stations buildings where many people come and go, and other public facilities, among others.


1. High Impact Safety
The laminated glass does not break easily if people or objects come into contact with it.
Even if the glass breaks, fragments and splashes are minimal.
2. Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance
FireLite Plus, which is made from FireLite characterized by excellent fire protection performance (highly resistant to rapid heating and cooling), do not break due to sprinkler water in the event of fire or water sprays for firefighting activities.
FireLite Plus meets the UL Standards in the U.S.
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