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The excellent radiation shielding glass for medical and industrial useApplicationsPDF Catalog Library


LX Premium

LX Premium is a multilayered radiation shielding glass manufactured by laminating an LX-57B radiation shielding lead glass panel with special cover glass panels. LX Premium has excellent impact safety, and the surface of it will not stain or discolor when lead substances react to moisture or lipids, which helps to reduce the need for maintenance.


LX-57B is high lead-barium glass, and features high radiation shielding capability and excellent transparency. LX-57B is produced under strict product standards and quality control. (a JIS-certified product)

LX Protective Screen

LX Protective Screen is a portable radiation shielding screen lineup manufactured from LX Premium. The highly transparent glass provides a clear field of view and contributes to quick and accurate diagnoses. The Screen is also characterized by ease of handling.


Pro-GR is a gamma-ray shielding glass designed for PET-based diagnosis that uses gamma rays with higher energy to penetrate than X rays for general diagnoses.