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LX Premium

LX Premium has a multilayer structure, created by inserting LX-57B high-lead glass (which has excellent radiation shielding capability) between special cover glasses.


1. High Transparency
Because the lead glass is protected by special cover glasses, the glass surface will not stain or discolor even when chemicals adhere to it or it is wiped with a wet cloth. High transparency can be maintained with ease.
2. Excellent Maintainability
Because it is protected by cover glasses on both surfaces, the glass can be cleaned using such items as a wet cloth, glass cleaners, and detergents without any concern about staining or discoloration in the same way as cleaning ordinary windowpanes.
3. Safety
Because it is multilayer laminated glass of LX-57B and special cover glasses, it is impact-safe and shatter resistant.
4. Larger in Size
The maximum size of LX Premium is 1,200×2,600㎜.
Use of large-size LX Premium provides a wider field of vision to improve operations.

Glass Thickness and Lead Equivalent

Glass Thickness(mm) Lead Equivalent(mmPb) Notes
11 ± 1.2 1.1 Lead equivalent is guaranteed within
an X-ray tube voltage range of 60 to 150 kV.
12 ± 1.2 1.5
14 ± 1.4 2.0
16 ± 1.4 2.5
19 ± 1.4 3.0 Lead equivalent is guaranteed within
an X-ray tube voltage range of 60 to 200 kV.

*NEG also offers products with a shielding capability of over 3.0 mmPb in lead equivalent (radiation source: X rays) as well as products for radiation sources other than X rays. For more information, please contact us.

Max. Size

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