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The unique patterns of glass-ceramic allow creative expression.ApplicationsPDF Catalog Library


1. Exquisite and soft texture
Needle-shaped microcrystals that make up Neopariés deliver an exquisite and soft texture with subtle reflections of incident light.
2. Excellent anti-weathering performance
Neopariés retains its gloss for a long period of time due to its excellent acid/alkali resistance.
3. Zero water absorption
The water absorption coefficient of Neopariés is zero. That is, Neopariés does not absorb water, eliminating the need to worry about frost damage.
4. Harder than natural stone
The Mohs hardness of Neopariés is 5.5. Neopariés is more resistant to scratches than natural stone (marble or granite), and is characterized by excellent wear resistance.
5. Lighter than natural stone
The flexural strength of Neopariés is three times that of natural stone. In addition, Neopariés is free from joints that are peculiar to natural stone. For these reasons, the panel thickness can be reduced.
6. Easy to form curved shapes
Curved shapes can be easily formed by heating and softening the glass material.



  • White
  • Beige
  • Silver Gray
  • Black

Pigment( Made to order )

  • Pink
  • Blue

Translucencet( Made to order )

Glare White allows light to pass through.

Glare White
  • Spot light source
  • Flat light source
  • *Neopariés is a made to order product.
  • *Because of printed matter, actual colors are slightly different from the printed ones.
  • *Please confirm the texture of finished surface by samples. *Please contact us about other colors.

Standard Size

Shape Size(㎜) Color Remarks
Flat Panel 900×1800 Standard
1,200×2,400 White
Curved Panel 200R 250R Standard
(except Black)
Max. central angle 90 deg.(1/4 circle)
Convex only
300R Standard
350R 400R 450R
500R 550R 600R
Max. central angle 90 deg.(1/4 circle)
[Note:Convex only on 650R]
Convex, Concave
700R〜4,000R Convex, Concave
Curved Corner
150R×90°(1/4 circle)×H900
150R×90°(1/4 circle)×H1,200
(except Black)

  • *Panel thickness is 15㎜ or more. (Slight thickness nonuniformity occurs as a result of production method.)
  • *Please ask us about sizes other than the above.
  • *Neopariés with adjoining square corner panels without joints is also available.
    In this instance, the short side must be within 100 ㎜, consult us about details.

Characteristics of Neopariés & Natural Stone

Characteristics / Materials Neopariés
Marble Granite
Lighting Whiteness Degree(L-Value)〔1〕   94 approx. 90
Diffuse Reflection Rate (%)
80 42 44
Regular Reflection Rate (%)
4 4 4
Thermal Thermal Expansion Coefficient x10−6/K) 6.1 7.0 7.0
Thermal Conductivity (W/m・K) 1.6 2.3 2.1
Specific Heat (J/kg・K) 710 750 750
Mechanical Specific Gravity   2.7 2.7 2.7
Bending Strength (N/mm2 41 11 14
Young's Modulus x104N/mm2 8.6 7.5 5.1
Mohs' Hardness 5.5 3 5.5
Chemical Acid Resistance 〔2〕 (mg/cm2 0.2 267 26.2
Alkali Resistance 〔3〕 (mg/cm2 0.7 7.8 2.6
Seawater Resistance 〔4〕 (mg/cm2 0.1 0.2 0.2
Water Absorption Rate 〔5〕 (%) 0.0 0.3 0.4
Freeze Resistance 〔6〕 (%) 0.0 0.2 0.3

The above figures are measured values, not guaranteed.

  • 〔1〕One of the three elements of color. Index to represent brightness
    (whiteness).(100:Perfect white⇔0:Perfect black).
    In-house measured data.
  • 〔2〕Weight loss of test piece of 25×25×5㎜ after 24-hour immersion in 1% H2SO4 solution of 90℃.
  • 〔3〕Weight loss of test piece of 25×25×5㎜ after 24-hour immersion in 1% NaOH solution of 90℃.
  • 〔4〕Weight loss of test piece of 25×25×5㎜ after 24-hour immersion in simulated seawater of 90℃.
  • 〔5〕Weight increasing rate of test piece of 25×25×15㎜ after
    48-hour immersion in water.
  • 〔6〕Weight loss of test piece of 15×15×10㎜ after 25 cycles : immersion of test piece in water of 25℃ for 2 days=expose for 4 hours in a temperature of -20℃.