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Accumulates light and glows in the dark.ApplicationsPDF Catalog Library


  • 1. After exposure to fluorescent lamps for 20 minutes, Veluna emits unique green and blue light in the dark for more than one hour.
  • 2. Veluna becomes luminescent repeatedly by replenishing energy with black lights or fluorescent lamps, etc.


  • ・Supplementary luminescent materials for interior-related usages
  • ・Supplementary luminescent materials for pavements and parks, etc.
  • ・Wall displays
  • ・Design materials for monuments and works of art



Size 100×200mmThickness 50mmWeight 2.3kg/piece

VOA (the shape of square bar)

Size 50×50×1000mmWeight 5.8kg/piece

BAN(the shape of narrow rectangular plate)

Size 100×50×600mmWeight 7.2kg/piece


Standard Size 450×450mm Thickness 18mm Weight 50kg/m2


Size 20〜50mm
  • *Please ask us about the other shapes and sizes.
  • *All measurements are approximate.
  • *Both Veluna Bricks and Panels can not be made to precise thickness and will have some thickness variation from piece to piece.


  After 20 minutes under the fluorescent light
(1,000 lux)
Illuminating Time 5min : approx.240mmcd/m2
20min : approx.100mmcd/m2
60min : approx.30mmcd/m2


Veluna collects and stores light on exposure to short-wavelength light (ultraviolet rays) such as that of fluorescent lights. The use of light source without ultraviolet wavelength or lighting system with UV-ray shields is not recommended.