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Invisible Glass

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Light is liberated when it passes through glass.ApplicationsPDF Catalog Library


“Invisible Glass” consisting of anti-reflecting coatings minimize light reflected from the glass.
In contrast with the luminous reflectance of bare glass on one side, which is approximately 4%, that of the invisible glass is only 0.08%. The anti-reflecting coatings have been designed to especially reduce visible light reflection to the human eye.

Invisible GlassInvisible Glass


Subject Standard
(Approx. 5 layers on each side)
(Approx. 15 layers on each side)
Light transmittance*1 99.4%*2 99.8%*2
Max. Size 900×1,300mm 300×600mm
Max. thickness 8mm 4mm
  • *1:Absorption in glass is ignored.
  • *2:Transmittance may vary because some kind of glass has absorption in it.
  • *3:For information on handling and cleaning Invisible Glass, please contact us.


Invisible Glass amazingly gives a crystal clear view.

Invisible Glass